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Super Cool by Cloudy O Funky

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Lai Moon:  Tender and sweet flesh of a juicy lemonade.  PG 50% VG 50%

Grape Blast:  Sweet pulp of seedless red grape with a bright and refreshing taste in every puff.  PG 30% VG 70%

Strawberry Frost:  Its the juiciest red strawberry you'll ever vape.  PG 50% VG 50%

Arctic Mango:  Tender and sweet flesh of a juicy ripe mango. PG 50% VG 50%

Guava Peach:  Tender and sweet flesh of a juicy guava and peach.  PG 50% VG 50%

Lychee Longan:  Tender and sweet flesh of a juicy lychee and longan.  PG 50% VG 50%

Green Apple:  Uplift your taste buds with sour green apple. PG 50% VG 50%


60ml RTV

Contains zero nicotine


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