Otto Cotton - Trebbih Vape
Otto Cotton - Trebbih Vape
Otto Cotton - Trebbih Vape

Otto Cotton

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Organic cotton is a natural cotton produced from plants that do not contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and does not use synthetic agricultural chemicals such as artificial fertilizers or pesticides in its production.

No artificial fertilizer. No agricultural drugs. No change of genesis.

The cultivation of organic cotton   supports, improves biological diversity  and cycles . Organic cotton certificates are issued by certain institutions that oversee all agricultural processes for cotton cultivation.

In traditional cotton production, high amounts of  agricultural chemicals are  used. In cotton cultivation more chemicals are used than in all other agricultural crops. 10 to 16% of the world's pesticide use is in cotton production (including harmful plant medicines, insecticides and foliar).

These chemicals are absorbed by the soil, polluting surface waters and air. Soils used with chemical fertilizers keep water less and cause water loss . Health problems are often seen in agricultural workers due to working conditions in these fields.

It takes time to grow organic cotton, requires knowledge and skills, and is now more costly. But it's worth it. Organically grown cotton provides a healthy and safe work environment for cotton growers. The negative impact on the environment is much less.

OTTO COTTON, 100% organic Aegean cotton. Its long fibers, soft texture, chemical taste and good quality are healthy. You will see the GOTS logo on the packaging of our products. Opening of GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS, a certification, processes the production, manufacture and manufacture of cotton that we use in our products are strictly controlled. In other words, the impact of cotton production on the environment and future generations is minimal. In addition to these, we like good and safe job opportunities that GOTS certification provides employees.

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