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Efest 18350 700mAh 10.5amp battery

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This battery is stuffed to the brim with a 700mAh capacity that will keep you puffing. Being able to discharge 10.5A is serious business, and allows your vape mod to reach its true potential. Additionally this battery is made with IMR chemistry, the most reliable Li-ion battery type that can be used safely.


Efest IMR 18350 700mAh 3.7V Purple LI-MN High Drain 10.5 Amp Rechargeable Battery (Flat Top V1)

Voltage: 3.7V - Fully Charged Voltage: 4.2V

Charge Current 2.15A

Cycle Life: 300 Charges / Recharges

Capacity: 700mAh

Continuous Max. Discharging Current: 10.5A (Amps)

Charge Current: 2.15A

Discharge cut-off voltage: 3.0V

Positive: Flat Top

Weight: 25g

Length: 35.02mm

Diameter: 18.21 mm

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